Lakshya means 'goal'. A goal that we share with our customers. A goal that becomes common with all the stakeholders in an organization.  And that goal is to transform business by managing the most important asset of all - people.  For 40+ years, people at Lakshya have been enabling the transformation of businesses.  Whether they have been start-ups or huge conglomerates, organizations with growth pangs or sick industries Lakshya has been achieving the goal of transforming them into healthy, robust and stable organizations.

The primary reason for this success has been the ownership and commitment that we have been able to demonstrate in all our engagements - incidentally all of them have been successful engagements.  We do not just preach, we are also accountable for the implementation of our strategic inputs and directions.  To say that we have our skin-in-the-game is an understatement.  We are with our customers every step of the way - from analysis to review of implementation.

Our customers, some of the large industrial houses in India, have an implicit trust in our conviction of what is good for their organization.  We are not only responsible for the engagement but also for buy-in from stakeholders across all levels - strategic and operational.  We align the entire organization towards the common goal so that the implementation is most effective.

We have been able to do all this because of, what else, our people.  Every individual in the organization is synergistic to the other and the amalgamation of skills, expertise and experience is what delivers for our customers.

Lakshya offers personalized solutions for Business needs by adopting an organic, inside–out approach and partnering with clients.  We work from the inside and not as an outsider. Lakshya’s expertise includes business turnarounds, team / leadership, culture change in organizations, SHRM (Strategic Human Resources Management), employee branding and alignment of people, processes & systems.

Business transformation through people management is not child's play.  There are a million variables, not to mention interpersonal dynamics.  How do we align all the people in one organization to it's goals?  How do we make them see the common cause? People intervention requires an extensive combination of people skills, business skills, prior experience and expertise and above all conviction.

The team at Lakshya are an eclectic mix of professionals drawn from various industries and having numerous skill sets - a mixture that complements every single effort made to transform your business.  And that is required because we at Lakshya don't just perform an advisory role but get into the thick of implementation as well.  Combined, we have hundreds of years of expertise in transforming businesses into successful role models.  Some of us have done work for different types of industries, worked with thousands of employees, interacted across the various levels of employees in the organisation and importantly have been working with organizations across the length and breadth of India.

Some of the companies in the country have benefited from our engagement and all with a single goal - that of transforming the business.  We have worked with start-ups, growing companies, sick companies and complacent organizations.  And every one of them have a unique situation(s) with a unique solution(s).  Our strength, however, lies in delivering those unique solution(s) through time-tested methodologies and processes evolved from within that organisation.  We have also been approached to professionalise family managed businesses and we have been called to mentor business heirs.  In a nutshell, if you are looking to transform / transition your business through people, look no further.

Lakshya was founded by Ms. Arati Sharma in 2002 and is guided in its philosophy and business by Mr. P. Ramababu, who has a vast experience in handling organizations who was the Managing Director of EID Parry, Chennai.

Lakshya’s consist of team of qualified practice managers / consultants and associates in India with over 100 years of combined business and HR experience to help our clients. Our difference is that our team have held positions within the Industry as Board of Directors, Managing Directors, and General Managers, Senior Leadership positions before being part of Lakshya

Our full time consultants have a vast experience across industries in providing solutions to the various business challenges. They have exposure by working with companies of different sizes, culture, structure and environment.

Additionally we have specialist partners who bring in relevant expertise in specific areas.

We aim to assist our clients in the various stages of their business growth and development. Being part of the Industry gives us the knowledge and experience in challenges that our client faces and we have an advantage of understanding the same, providing tailor-made solutions that assist our clients in achieving business success.