Actually more than careers, we would like to call it ‘Learning’.  There is a difference in learning when you are in a classroom and when you are in an organization.  And there is the next level of learning when you are with us.  Lakshya is constantly working on mission critical engagements that are do or die situations for organizations.  The environment, though extremely pressurized, gives immense challenges to the people working on those engagements.  For experienced professionals itself it would be baptism by fire, therefore you can imagine the exposure for college freshers.  Just working on one engagement will give you the experience of having worked for one organization for a considerable amount of time – such is the learning you get when you work with Lakshya to work with the clients.

It is therefore obvious that the kind of people who would want to such opportunities have immense fire in their bellies, relish extreme challenges, have innate passion for what they do and are go-getters. We are constantly looking for freshness to flow into our system. We believe in giving people the opportunity to do what they really want to do in the areas were their passion meets their expertise.

Reach us at if you are interested in working with us. If you are a student and would like to take a trip with us to explore the unknown and unleash your hidden potentials mail us and we can talk about it.