We at Lakshya believe that sustaining long term industrial peace and harmony between employers and workmen based on trust / transparency leads to:

  • A shared vision / execution
  • Uninterrupted, productive /vibrant workplace
  • A hike in  productivity – people, machine and material
  • A harmonious working environment among collectivities and teams
  • Service /  manufacturing excellence
  • Enhanced trust and commitment
  • Dignity / equalisation through affiliation and positive work climate
  • Institutionalising of people, processes and systems that are aligned with business excellence and business competitiveness

For this Lakshya has

  • Expertise in “Employment Relations” – employer and employee relations for business house
  • Expertise in industrial relations – advisory / consultancy services in dealing with unions and environmental dynamics adversely impacting on employee / industrial relations
  • The ability to support from strategic planning to assistance in execution

Our Services will include institutionalisation of best industrial relations practices and they are:

  • Detailed analysis / evaluation of company’s current IR practices including criteria followed for determining the representative character for dealing with unions / recognition of Unions
  • Areas of conflict – periodical / occasional due to trust deficit/ communication gaps / external influences

This audit will throw up all aspects on which impinge the employer / employee relations and relations with Trade Unions etc.

We Assit

  • Companies that face industrial unrest on account of conflicts/ strikes / and strategies to deal with such events and help arriving at settlements through the management negotiating team.
  • Handling of different mis-conducts which are likely to disrupt work and bring in rift in relations – strategies thereof.
  • Help in matters relating to conciliation / arbitration and adjunction in terms of strategies and preparing briefs for law/ legal counsels  firms

Collective Bargaining Strategies are key for maintenance and renewal of relations between management and workmen.

We help management teams to lead negotiations or collective bargaining with Unions including evaluation of COD’s (Charter of Demands) and preparation for dialogues / negotiations with Unions.

  • Rightsizing manpower through industrial engineering / automation
  • Setting up of process for continuous learning – skill up-gradation/ multi-skilling, job mergers, job up-gradation.
  • Elimination of wasteful practices
  • Wage and conditions of service review
  • Incentive schemes / bonuses

We assist in setting up

  • Grievance handling forums
  • Value action groups
  • Small group activities
  • Joint forums for participation in various activities of the company including business plan preparation and execution
  • Communication upward / downward / horizontal
  • Audit / gaps identification
  • Recommendations for compliance

With ever changing dynamics of employer and employee relations/ relations with trade unions, the managers handling relationships within /outside required to be coached and trained on various competencies and strategies.

Lakshya will facilitate all such coaching and training to the stakeholders namely HR managers/ line supervisors linked with workers, line managers, negotiating teams for ensuring long term sustainability of employee relations through systemic / institutionalised processes.

Cultural building across layers of organisation to establish trust and transparency in relationship and thus enhancing psychological contract between the employers and employed.