Change is the only constant and organisations need to adapt to change continuously to keep the business robust and stable.  Resistance to change and inertia towards it prevents organisations from carrying out those changes.  Change is the internal response to external stimuli and thus necessary.

A change process in an organisation is extremely complex keeping in mind the physical and emotional effects of the change on its people.  Lakshya's approach is goal oriented which focuses on improving / revitalising the business. It is integrated and it is an  organisation wide effort. It brings about alignment of people, processes and systems within the organization.

Being a catalyst in the transformation journey of the company we strive to bringing alignment of leadership, senior management team in leading and also making them accountable for the implementation of the change processes. We work towards a buying for change across stake holders through various forms of communications and involve people in the change process.

Businesses require turnarounds when one or more of the functions fail to perform to the desired goals.  Often all of these failures end in making the business financially unviable and thus financial turnaround is also one important component in such turnarounds.  However this input has many dependencies on other elements such as culture, values and shared vision and mission.

Business turnarounds are quiet similar to organization transformations as they also focus on strategy, leadership and operations.  Lakshya will engage to make full blue print of this turnaround as well be with you through this process.

With volatility, uncertainty, and challenges from global and national business environment the drive to become more effective is critical for any organisation. Organisations today have to be more flexible without compromising on capability, competence, and commitment. Today HR has taken a more strategic role in the overall scheme of the organisation.

Lakshya specialises in aligning people (HR) strategies with the overall business objectives. Lakshya helps in aligning and integrating the HR processes, programs and practices with the aim of bring the best in people.

We bring in our experience in deploying effective HR solutions for any business environment. We help clients in identifying the right kind of people, creating a vibrant environment to wok, measure their performance in an unbiased manner and reward / retain good performers.

Broadly we assist our clients in

  • Defining their HR strategy and develop an implementation plan to meet their business objectives.
  • Organisation design and structure, review,  re-designing / formulating structures, defining roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Manpower planning and managing talent pool for the current and future needs of the organisation.
  • Performance Management - assessment, evaluation and rewards
  • Designing, reviewing, enhancing the competencies frame work, focus on developmental needs, career and succession plans
  • Designing salary structures for different levels and compensation benefits
  • Designing HR subsystems and processes within the organisation
  • Developing Effective HR policies and procedures / systems (Manuals / Handbooks)
  • Benchmarking HR practices for HR effectiveness
  • HR Audits
  • Setting up  / reconfiguration of HR departments

Our approach is very detailed, hands on, exhaustive and result oriented.