Lakshya’s philosophy is built around our unique tool called TOE™- Tunnel Of Excellence. There are many metaphors for a tunnel – the most important one being that there is a definite way in, a definite path and a definite way out.  When turnarounds work, it is not only because of a multitude of brilliant, imaginative ideas but precise execution of the plans that were made.  There has to be conviction that the plan will work and everything in the plan must be implemented the way it is supposed to.

You would usually see a vast difference between ideation or advice and implementation.  Typically an advisory firm would present to you a document that you are supposed to implement.  Either for lack of clarity, or buy-in or any other reason the plan is not implemented and many times a plan is made without taking into consideration ground realities.

Lakshya bridges the gap between imagination and reality.  We take into consideration the existing realities, the aspirations of the organizations, map its abilities and draw up a plan that will be implemented by us –  through business transformation that has a definite beginning, a path and and end.  And thus we call it TOE.

transformationTOE is a set of tools, methods and processes that we use to connect /reconnect the organization with its original/evolved vision, mission and values based on which it was created. Through a step by step process, TOE helps to crack down the problem areas and suggests how to find solutions. This process results in arriving at the TOE document, a Business/Work Plan and importantly an execution strategy/ plan. TOE acts as a catalyst to make an organization’s dream come true. It is a tool that helps us develop radical solutions and walk with our clients through the implementation process.

TOE often makes us ask, ‘what is not possible?’ At Lakshya we believe that we are a part of the organization we work for and not a consulting team that sits in the conference room wearing suits. The most important reason why the organization works with us is because they trust us and they feel safe with us.   They believe that we can de-risk and create value. We are always adding metaphor, never extracting.